Chapter 2: I'm Sorry, We Have To Let You Go

Last year I finally started a Job in  Marketing and thought to myself finally my career can take off in the direction that I want it to.

About 5 months into my new Job I was going on a well deserved last minute Holiday for a week with my also new boyfriend.

The summer in Munich was absolutely miserable last year and I constantly watched all my friends Jet off on vacation to exotic places whilst I was going to work every day. Nevertheless I didn't mind it too much because I had a new Job and it is quite normal to not go on vacation within the first 6 months working. However, after having all my colleagues (who started at the same time as I did) Jet off as well, I decided to Hand in my request for vacation as well.

When I say last Minute vacation I completely mean it. My boyfriend and I could not decide where we wanted to go and then decided that we wanted to see Morocco two weeks before the actual set date. However, due to my unawareness this plan flew out of the window once I noticed my passport was out of date. No Morrocco. One week until our vacation, we went to the travel agency together to listen to suggestions and find something last Minute to book. That's when they offered us and All-Inclusive trip to Turkey and we immediately fell in love with the idea. Neither of us had been and it was guaranteed sunny weather. We paid upfront and a week later we were off.

The week away felt great. I was finally able to regenerate and completely relax and I was finally not Feeling like a complete Robot anymore. The week sped past us like it was nothing and before we knew it we were repacking our bags and drinking our last gin & tonics before taking the Taxi back to the Airport.

I wasn't ready to go home just yet. I needed a little more time.   But I had responsibilities to return to, a Job to get back to.

Upon arriving at our home Airport we decided that besides  being completely exhausted (and hungover additionally not having slept for +24 hours mind you), we were also famished. So we decided to grab a bite to eat. (By the way if anyone as any time to kill at the Munich Airport, I can only recommend Bagutta Pizza Culture, very yum!).

We ordered our two large Pizzas and devoured them like animals when they came. Whilst we were eating I kept getting a phone call from one of my colleagues but I didn't answer since I was still on vacation theoretically and it was a Saturday. The thought didn't escape my mind to why she was calling and what must've gone wrong for her to continuously keep calling. So once we finished eating I called her back.

It was a very brief 'Hey! How are you? How was your vacation?'  before she cut down to the chase.

She told me she didn't want to be bring the burden of bad news but also didn't want me to come into work on Monday morning completely unaware of what happend or what was bound to happen. That's when it was said. Three words you definitely do not want to hear and the last thing I suspected.

"We've been fired"
For a split second my heart completely stopped before it sank. My rejuvinating vacation was now tossed into the trash. After a couple more minutes of what happend whilst I was away and trying to keep cool myself, we hung up. BAM... there it was ... breakdown.
Being unable to breathe and see because of the hot tears building up, all I could think to myself was Why... Why me??
I managed to gather myself just enough to  grab a cab, drive home and fall into bed.
Come Monday I didn't want to get out of bed knowing that the only reason I would is to go to work just to get fired. It is one of the strangest feelings knowing one is about to get fired, most of the time it catches you off guard. Nevertheless, I was some what thankful I already knew so I could prepare myself for what was to come.
Once I got to work I barely took my jacket off and I already got called into the HR Office. (I didn't even make my traditional morning coffee and that is saying something). A bunch of sales numbers and statistics were shown and explained to me and then the dreaded "I'm sorry but we are going to have to let you go" speech came. I felt sorry for my Supervisor as her eyes were building up with tears and this caught her as off guard as it caught the rest of us. She was genuinely sorry.
Not wanting to spend anymore time there I packed up my things and handed over my last remaining Projects and left.
So this is where I am now. I've been looking for a Job for a good three months now and it's extremely frustrating. Mainly due to the main criterion being 'not enough work experience' when getting my rejections. The irony with this Statement is that I am mainly applying for Junior or Trainee positions but I am still lacking the experience. How am I supposed to gather experience if no one is willing to give me a Chance.
On top of being without work I now also have to part take in a so called 'coaching' which in my opinion is a complete waste of valuable time. The reason behind this being that it's mandatory for 3 months where someone 'watches' send away applications and tells/'coaches' you on what goes into your application (like I am not already aware of this). If this is meant to be motivating then they really need to look up the definition of Motivation in the dictionary again.

I haven't quite lost hope yet. I'm crossing fingers, toes and all limbs that can be crossed that I will find something (anything) soon. Just so I can get out of this hell.   

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