Chapter 11: Off the grid

Within the last 9 months I've been off the radar. It took a while before I was finally able to gather myself together again and gain back the motivation to start out fresh.

I fell into a deep hole and was unable to crawl out due my confidence being shattered.

However, I am back now and I have had so many different experiences within these last 9 months that they are impossible to sum up.

I always promise myself that I will start this up again and write as writing is what I love to do, somehow life always gets in the way. This time I will try. I've been off the grid for so long that in that time I was able to rediscover who I am, what it is that I want to do and how to best go about doing so.

I know you can read through this; I want to share my past, present and future with you. However, I want you to also know that I am doing this for myself. This will be a collection of my works and my thoughts and my process in dealing with any kind of obstacles that may come my way.

Going of the grid, doesn't mean you want to forget everything and everyone. It simply means taking the time to focus on yourself, and in this day and age, all we do is forget to focus on ourselves because we are too occupied with making us and our lives appear fabulous even though we may be crumbling inside. It's ok to focus on yourself. It's ok to go offline. What matters is that you are happy and if you're not, then what matters is to find that what makes you happy.

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