The 2016 Start

It's a bit over mid of January and all the new 'happy new years' have finally silenced down. So far this is probably the scariest new year that I have yet encountered. This mainly being because of the fact that this year I am completely unaware of what will happen and what I am actually going to do. It literally is that blank next chapter that everyone always talked about and I find it absolutely terrifying. 

Don't get me wrong, at the same time it's incredibly exciting but it is odd. Coming into a time of your life where before you always had a plan. You welcomed every new year being like Yay! This year I'm turning 18! or Awsome, this year I will graduate! ... and now this year it's like Yay to 2016! Now what? Being a person who likes to have a plan and everything kind of fall into place asap, it not happening is this whole new thing you first have to deal with. 

I know one thing is for sure, this year will bring me a whole lot of new firsts, good... and bad. And knowing this... it's somehow reassuring. I know that no matter what, I will make this year amazing. So here's to hoping that this year is a good one. 

- S.D. 

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